Up Your Art Templates VOL.1

Up Your Art Templates VOL.1

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Are you tired of relying on others to create cover art for you? Do you want a professional cover done but don't have the time? Not in the mood to open up Photoshop?

Up Your Art Templates Volume 1 is our first collection of 27 versatile cover art templates that can be used for any genre of music! All you need is a phone or a desktop to use these!

You can use these cover templates for mixtapes, album, single covers, beat videos and MORE! This pack includes ALL design elements that you see such as; background images, logos, plastic wraps, etc.

These templates are FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE so that means you can move around and delete anything you want!

How To Use These Templates

Volume 1 is a PDF downloadable file that can be opened and used on any desktop, laptop, iphone or smart device. For a tutorial watch the video where the product images are!

30 days guarantee

Send us an email to thisisupperside@gmail.com for support!

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High quality resolution

We take pride in delivering high quality graphics including 1080P, 4k+ images & videos.

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