Up Your Beats VOL.1 (Visualizer Templates)

Up Your Beats VOL.1 (Visualizer Templates)

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Up Your Beats VOL.1 is a collection of 15 beat visualizer templates compatible with Canva. This pack is loaded with HD videos, motion graphics, and still images that are unique & eye catching. The visualizers will make any beat stand out without evening listening to it! You can use these templates to upload your beats to youtube, instagram, facebook, beatstars and more. Pick your prefered social media format with the links provided and you're set to go!

This pack includes all plastic wrap covers, hd videos, stickers, fonts and logos!

How To Use These Templates

Up Your Beats VOL.1 is a PDF downloadable file that can be opened and used on any desktop, laptop, iphone or smart device. For a tutorial watch the video where the product images are!

Template Sizes

This pack lets you pick from any of the dimensions listed below. You can also customize your own dimensions using the resize option in canva.

Youtube: 1920 x 1080

Instagram + FB + Tiktok Post: 1080 x 1080

Elements Included inside of Templates

15 Custom moving backgrounds

4 Cd/cassette motion graphics

5 Custom fonts

6 Logo/image frames

30 days guarantee

Send us an email to thisisupperside@gmail.com for support!

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High quality resolution

We take pride in delivering high quality graphics including 1080P, 4k+ images & videos.

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